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e▓ largest Yi community in China. Yunnan▓ Province has more than three million Yis, most of whom are con

nly distributed

  • over the provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan an

    centrated in an area hemmed▓ in by the Jinsha and Yuanjiang rivers, and the Ailao and Wuliang mountains. Huaping, Ninglang and Yongsheng in western Yunnan form what is ▓known as the Yunnan Lesser Liangshan Mountain area. In Guiz▓hou, more than half a million Yis li

  • d Guizhou, and the Guangxi Zhuang A

    ve in compact communities in Anshun and Bijie. Several▓ thousand Yis live in Longlin and Mubian co▓unties in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Re▓gion.Most Yis are scattered in mountain a▓reas, some in frigid mountain areas at high altitudes, and a small number live o

  • utonomous Region. There are more th

    n flat land or in valle▓ys. The altitudinal differences of the Yi areas directly affect their climate and precipitation. Th▓eir striking differences have given rise to ▓the old saying that "the weather is different a few mile▓s away" in the Yi area. This is the prim

, and mos▓t of th

ary reason why the Yis in various areas are so different from one another▓ in the ways they make a living.The Yi ▓areas are rich in natural

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resources. The Jinsha River running through Sichuan and Yunnan and its tributaries surgi▓ng through the Yi areas


  • in northern and

  • northeastern Yunna

  • n are enormous sources

  • of water power.

iver and

  • The Yi areas

  • are not only rich

  • in coal and ▓iron, but

  • are also among C


  • hina's major pro

  • ducers of non-fe

  • rrous metals. Gejiu, Chi

  • na's famous tin

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